Technology has made this world a modern advances in communications. In this rapidly changing of technology, the pace of evolution is especially quick when it comes to field of software development. Out of all fields of information technology, software development is the most dynamic and advancing. Today many software development companies in the industry are striving to keep them up to date in the market in order to make survival possible.


The use of Bitcoin and the revitalization of peer-to-peer computing have been essential for the adoption of blockchain technology in a broader sense. We predict increased expansion of companies delivering blockchain products and even IT heavyweights entering the market and consolidating the products.

Industrial IOT

Empowered by Deep learning at the edge, industrial IoT continues to be the most widely adopted use case for edge computing. It is driven by real needs and requirements. We anticipate that it will continue to be adopted with a broader set of technical offerings enabled by Deep learning , as well as other uses of IoT


Robotics research has been performed for many decades, robotics adoption has not flourished. However, the past few years have seen increased market availability of consumer robots, as well as more sophisticated military and industrial robots. We predict that this will trigger wider adoption of robotics in the medical space for caregiving and other healthcare uses. Combined with Deep learning (#1) and AI (#10), robotics will further advance in 2018. Robotics will also motivate further evolution of ethics

Big data:The Next Big Thing in Computing

The big data analytics technology is a combination of several techniques and processing methods. What makes them effective is their collective use by enterprises to obtain relevant results for strategic management and implementation.Being a prominent Big Data Analytics Software Company, our ambition is to use big data technology to improve user's life with delivery of richer digital experiences and smarter intelligence in their environment.With expertise and capabilities extending towards diverse big data analytics tools and technologies, integrating a modern technology into your existing infrastructure or establishing an entirely new platform is effortless. Ensure enhanced operations, performance, security and reliability as you scale your systems in the data centers, in the cloud or the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Artificial Intelligence

Monitor attendance, track leaves and automate your monthly payroll process . Save time, effort and money with accordex Systems! We’re on a scientific mission to push the boundaries of AI, developing programs that can learn to solve any complex problem without needing to be taught how. If we’re successful, we believe this will be one of the most important and widely beneficial scientific advances ever made, increasing our capacity to understand the mysteries of the universe and to tackle some of our most pressing real-world challenges. From climate change to the need for radically improved healthcare, too many problems suffer from painfully slow progress, their complexity overwhelming our ability to find solutions. With AI as a multiplier for human ingenuity, those solutions will come into reach. As in all long-term research efforts there are many hurdles ahead, but our team of renowned scientists and engineers is making exciting progress.

Data Science

Data science is simply the conversion of data to knowledge. Data may be structured or unstructured, and unstructured data can take many forms, such as text, images, or video. A data scientist touches on the use of data to help make business decisions or to analyze data and present it in a way that can help make business decisions.


With the adoption of Cloud and virtualization the there is a prominent shift from a traditional approach of enterprises that only designed for IT and neglected user experience to companies that lay emphasis on product features, usability and creating a delightful user experience in the SaaS world. Cloud computing has been around for quite some time. Now enterprises have started trusting it after testing its development projects and applications. Enterprises have slowly shown forward movement and are slowly moving their critical operations too onto the cloud.The cloud and virtualisation have deployed applications that are infrastructure-responsive and can scale themselves smartly. Because the applications are aware of external events, decisions can be made quickly and the application and infrastructure together can facilitate real-time delivery.