We develop software projections and solutions across industries. We have decade of experience on developing projects from small to large corporations. We have developed very unique requirement depending on the industry they are focused on. Ideas are conceptualized by companies; we take responsibility of developing right form the concept to inception of the project.

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized business and technical personal can understand your requirement and they develop solution according to your exact need


Developing solutions for Educational institution can vary widely from SMS system, attendance, time table, mark sheet, fees collection, payments, parents, teachers, student communication, eLearning and many more. We have been developing wide range of solutions for small to large educational institutions.


We have developed a wide range of solutions for the Healthcare industry. It’s one of the largest industries which contribute to our organization. The health care industry is from clinical management, lab, patient management, Doctor, Nurse HRMS management and so on. We have developed complete solutions for healthcare for very small clinics to large multi-specialty hospitals.


We have developed solutions for small retail store to large hyper marts. We have a lot of supermarket customers. They have been our largest customer base. We provide the complete retail solution for them. We have also integrated with eCommerce for lot of customers. We have a large development team dedicated for Retail Industry.


Finance is the largest and biggest and most security based industry in the world. We have been providing solutions for small chit fund organization to large banks.