Case studies

Manufacturing ERP software for PVC industry


The customer is into manufacturing PVC pipe and pipe based products. They are a large company with more than $ 100 million turnover.


The company was not able to track the product purchased, manufactured. They were not able to calculate the exact production and purchase to tally with the sales. The productivity was also low as the output was low. They were not able to identify the exact problem and the solution to this. They had to submit the GST for which their accounting software didn’t support.

SOLUTION :To address the challenge we proposed the manufacturing ERP software. We developed a complete ERP solution for this problem. The ERP was developed for managing the components used in the manufacturing process and the productivity of the employees. Every employees work load was managed. Every employee’s production per day was calculated and it was compared with other employees and also with other days of the month of his own production. The components which were used were calculated and they were given as input. If there is any discrepancy between the raw material and the produced goods then the calculation is verified. The produced product and the raw material inputted is calculated to make sure the right amount of respective raw material is used for production. Finally this is matched with the sales to make sure the production and the sales quantity is right.

TECHNOLOGIES AND TOOLS : PHP, Android, My SQL, Apache server


The company was able to find the nonproductive employees. They were also able to find out the raw material which was stolen from the stock. They could produce good material as the percentage of raw material used was right as they were managed. When there is some discrepancy they cross verify and fix it.